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The World is Your Oracle is a compilation of multicultural divination techniques from around the world – both ancient and contemporary – designed for each individual’s unique situation, desire, and intuitive style. It gathers together dozens of methods, one-third of them visual, one-third auditory, and one-third kinesthetic. You can select a technique based on what appeals to you in the moment, a technique that dovetails with your intuitive strength (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic), or simply work your way through all the techniques for fun and greater self-knowledge.

Examples of divination techniques include;

  • Get guidance from the wild as you notice what animal crosses your path
  • Prime yourself to dream about your question and awaken to a solution
  • Enter the wisdom of the spirit world by calling upon your guides and ancestors
  • Tap into your body’s hidden wisdom to get insight and answers.

You can find more information about divination on my blog.

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Life today is full of noise. We’re all bombarded by advertising messages, expert advice, campaign promises, and opinions of every sort. Sometimes it’s hard to hear yourself think.

To make successful decisions for your highest good, you need to listen to what Steve Jobs called “the whisperings" of intuition.

The oracular techniques in The World Is Your Oracle will quiet the clamor in your head, so you can

  • hear those"whisperings" from your inner wisdom
  • see with your second sight, and
  • connect with your body wisdom.
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Everyone has burning questions. Everyone wants to find the answers. And everyone needs to know their own truth. But not everyone discovers this truth in the same way.

Nancy has gathered together dozens of techniques from a wide variety of traditions, from basic to advanced. As a result, The World is Your Oracle offers a multicultural, multi-technique approach for any person, no matter their situation. It helps you craft your own questions, delve into your inner knowing, and interpret the answers you receive. It harnesses the power of ancient divinatory methods so you can find answers to your modern questions.

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ENERGIZE your INTUITION like the great ARTISTS, SCIENTISTS, and ENTREPENEURS of yesterday and today

From ancient Greeks to modern-day North Americans, people all over the globe have gained insight into many questions by using oracles. That’s because divination can help you set priorities, meet challenges, and find creative solutions to your problems.

Today we’re living in an environment of rapid change, where analytical thinking no longer suffices. As a result, in the last few years, a growing number of seekers have been turning to divination for spiritual sustenance. Even top executives have identified"creative insights" (i.e. oracles) as the best way forward in today’s market.

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Unlike other types of divination, which offer generic feedback, the oracles in this book show you how to channel your own abilities and tune into the messages surrounding you for specific guidance to your most pressing issues. It’s your receptivity to the truths buried in your unconscious that unlocks these divinations. You don’t have to believe in angels and spirit guides to use them.

Instead The World is Your Oracle encourages spiritual development by connecting you to your deepest wisdom. Once you begin to put oracular insights into practice you’re on the path to authentic personal growth.

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Are you visual, auditory, or kinesthetic?

Visual If you tend to be visually oriented, The World is Your Oracle will help you develop your"second sight" – with techniques like scrying, dream incubation, or balloon diagrams.
Auditory If hearing affects you most, The World is Your Oracle contains techniques for listening to the"whisperings of intuition" – like chanting, listening to birdsong, or asking an ancestor for advice.
Kinesthetic If touch nurtures you or you’re always in motion, The World is Your Oracle will connect you with your"body wisdom" or"gut feelings" – through journaling, using a mudra, or sculpting clay.
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  • Science is finally catching up with the wisdom traditions of the world. We now know that divination acts to facilitate"aha moments," those creative insights that seem to come to us spontaneously.

  • Studies have shown that flashes of insight occur when a person’s brain is in a particular state. This is exactly the frame of mind that divination facilitates – an altered state that seers and sages have known about for millenia.
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40 Techniques to Choose from

The World is Your Oracle provides historical and personal context and clear, step-by-step instructions for each of its 40 different oracular methods (1/3 visual, 1/3 auditory, and 1/3 kinesthetic). Together they offer many new ways of asking, answering, and understanding.

And you don’t have to go far. Oracles are part of the natural world that surrounds us. You can:

  • Get guidance from the wild as you notice what animals cross your path
  • Enter the wisdom of the spirit world by calling upon your guides and ancestors
  • Prime yourself to dream about your question and awaken to a solution
  • Let repeated cues and coincidences clue you into a new perspective
  • Take a Zen Concentration Walk to mindfully reflect on the issue at hand
  • Tap into your body’s hidden wisdom to get insight and answers
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Oracles put you in touch with yourself. They let you discover your motivations, feelings, and thoughts about any question you’re exploring.

Divination can help you set priorities, meet challenges, and find creative solutions to your problems. At times, oracles can even point to an outworn habit that you need to discard, or encourage you to take a risk that you might have been too timid to tackle on your own.

But most importantly, they can help you in your daily life to stay happy and healthy. And you can tap into your inner knowing whenever you need it.

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Try a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic oracle right now. That will give you a taste of The World Is Your Oracle. These techniques are online at the links below. Each one only takes a few minutes.